Sky Woman

Holy Star Wars Episode 9: Rogue One, The Iroquois Creation Myth, and Power!


Holy Star Wars! Episode 9. Join us as we discuss the theme of Power through Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the Iroquois Creation Myth. We also discuss how to use the storytelling trope “Heel Realization” to prevent ourselves from becoming what we are fighting against.

UPDATE 3/21/18: After a year of learning and growing, I have revisited some of the things I said in this episode and no longer agree with some of my initial statements. Originally, I had said that because it is not appropriate to overlay my culture onto another that I cannot assume there is a power imbalance between the husband and wife in this story. While of course it remains entirely true that assigning my cultural norms to another culture is never appropriate, by conclusion was naive. The imbalance of power between men and women is perhaps not universal, but it is pervasive and prevalent across time and space. Everything I discussed in the course of this episode remains true, but I believe it is essential to recognize the distinct possibility that the Sky Woman was inherently in a position of less power than her husband, while simultaneously understanding that this was not necessarily true. The subtle difference in these lines of thinking, I think, is important. My original stance ignored the possibility and probability of power differential. I want now to be clear and certain that this possibility and probability is real and needs to be addressed.

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This week’s story comes from

Title photo: Sky Woman.
Oil on canvas. Ernest Smith. January 1936, 40.5 hrs. RMSC Collections.

All Star Wars subject matter is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or Disney and usage is not endorsed by either company.

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