Bail to Leia

Hello my love. I’ve searched the whole base over for you, but I’m afraid I could not wait any longer to return home to Alderaan. So I’ve left this message with Captain Antilles’ R2 unit. I have already spoken with him and given him his instructions.

We’ve gone to war. All the work we have done, trying to help the people of the galaxy. Trying to soften the burden the Empire bares onto every being from… from Chandrila to Lothal. It has all come to a head. The Mon Calamari just earlier today rallied together with a renegade group of recruits and other pilots to attack a major Imperial installation on Scariff where the schematics of a secret Imperial base is being kept. I fear that there will be no turning back after this attack. Our days of secretly providing support to the rebel cause are over. Alderaan will have to prepare to take a public stance against the Emperor’s tyranny.

I see now that Mon had been right all this time. I have no regrets remaining in the Senate and working to effect change from within the system. It was a noble thing to do. But it’s futile. Our peaceful planet I fear will have no choice but to prepare for war.

Remember this story I once told you about your mother? Your mother Padmé. She was one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known. She’d be so proud of you Leia, i hope you know that. She didn’t know how to hate. During the Clone Wars, only a few years before you were born, she flew to the deepest depth of the Confederacy of Independant Systems, to their capital, Raxus. She had no permission to go on this mission, but she didn’t care, she always did the right thing, even when it was tough.

She went to Raxus to meet in secret about a peace negotiation that would end the Clone Wars for good. But she didn’t go to Raxus to meet with the enemy. She went to meet with a friend. A friend whom she had so many differences with, yet was able to put them all behind to foster what was important for the greater good. And while ultimately your mother Padme never was able to bring a peaceful end to the Clone Wars, she never stopped trying either.

I am reminded of this story and am reminding you right now because as I return home to Alderaan, to the family that loves you so dearly, I must ask of you something that I am just not sure your mother ever would have. There is a man on the planet Tatooine. He goes by the name Ben Kenobi. He served me and Padme well during the Clone Wars as a great general and an even greater friend. He won’t be expecting you. But you must take him with you to meet me on Alderaan. Leia, I am afraid he is our only hope.

War is coming whether we want it to or not. I fought so hard for you to live in a galaxy you could be proud of. But now is your time to take up that mantel. Shape this galaxy into one you can be proud of. I will see you when you have returned home. And remember my love, your father loves you.

The following is how I envision a final message to Leia from Bail Organa may have sounded had he not been able to find her in person on Yavin IV prior to sending her in search of Ben Kenobi. I hope you enjoy it and please let us know what you think at or on Twitter @holy_star_wars.

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